We strive to give our clients the best, and every little detail matters.  As practitioners our skills are reflected in many ways, through our etiquette, our touch and technique, to name just a few.  The simple act of having to reach for your bottle of lotion or jar of cream set on a stool or table creates a "break" in the flow of the massage, disrupting the calming experience for our clients. Wearing a holster to hold your product is essential.

         Furthermore, every therapist develops their own technique and

has their own individual style that lends to their personality.  But as a professional in the industry, we are very limited in how we can express ourselves through our wardrobe - if we are to remain "professional".

          One fun way to solve both issues is by adding a Haute HipTM insulated bottle holster to your much needed therapy accessories!  If you're not a massage therapist, that's OK, click here for Haute Hip's other unique uses.

Pick Me a Pear!  After Midnight Sipping Sunshine
Pick Me a Pear
(limited quantity) 
Candy Carnival After Midnight Sipping Sunshine
Virginia's Tapestry Jewel of the Nile Jaquar Enchanted
Virginia's Tapestry Jewel of the Nile  Jaguar  Enchanted
Delight Devorppa Noir Giraffe Velboa Secret Garden
Delight  Devorppa Noir Giraffe Velboa
In faux fur
Secret Garden
Zebra (faux fur)  Starbursts in Bloom Country Garden in Blue Some Like It Haute
In faux fur
Starbursts in Bloom  Country Garden in Blue  Some Like It Haute 
Sanora Winter Luau Retro Fireworks Her English Accent 
Sonora  Winter Luau Retro Fireworks Her English Accent 
 It Aint Broke Throw a Wrench Sport the Camo
It Ain't Broke   Throw a Wrench Sport the Camo

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